Social Media Marketing For Business: FAQs and Tips

Social media marketing for business is all the rage these days, and if you’re a small business owner struggling to keep up with competition, you better be using this platform.

What’s Social Media Marketing?

If you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade or so, it might be understandable if you don’t know what social media is all about. Collectively, the term “social media” refers to the various online platforms that focus on community interaction and sharing. These platforms can include social networking sites like Facebook and Google+, microblogging services like Twitter, social news sites like Reddit where stories are promoted by members, and image websites like Pinterest.  Continue reading

What Is Search Engine Optimization: The Plain Truth

There have been a lot of articles, books and online discussions about SEO, and for the small business owner all that talk can be quite confusing. What is search engine optimization exactly?

In essence, SEO is about configuring your website to how a search engine operates. Google doesn’t have real people looking over websites and then manually ranking which websites best fits a certain keyword or keyword phrase. It’s all done with technical tools, and these tools look for technical indicators on your website. Thus, with SEO you have to be mindful of how these tools work so you can then set up your website so that it can be highly ranked by search engines on the keywords that are relevant to the subject area of your business website like what we are currently doing for a Oahu pet care business. Continue reading

Different Ways to Market Your Business Online

In the old days of newspapers, magazines, radio shows, and TV, you basically had only 2 ways of marketing your business. You can have an ad, that’s one. The other method is to be featured on a show or an article. However, when it comes to online marketing you do have lots of options available. Here are some of the different ways to market online if you have your own business to promote.  Continue reading